Instead of Living by Default, Become a Master of Your Life!

Certified Transformational Life Coach Raymond Posch Offers Powerful Programs for Life Mastery!

Crystallize Your Dreams or Goals into a
Powerful Vision for Your Life.

 Install Your Vision at the Deepest Levels of Your Mind and Harmonize Your Vision with the Natural Laws of the Universe.

Learn That You Have Power Within You Greater Than Any Circumstances, Problems, or Conditions and How to Use That Power.

Change Your Thinking to Use Your Inner Genius and Overcome Fear and Limiting Beliefs.

Immediately See the Benefits of Life Mastery
Take Shape in Your Life!

How long does it take to change your life? The process begins the moment you join the program! And as you apply each week's lesson, your Life Mastery skills grow. Our 3, 6, or 12-month curricula are designed to instruct and support you along the way, as you focus on different areas of Mastery.

The Life Mastery program (6 months) focuses on 6 different areas of life: Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love, and Transformation. With each area, you'll learn the skills and abilities that will give you Mastery of that area of your life.

The Working with the Law program (3 months) focuses on 11 different universal laws which change your whole life experience once you learn to work with them instead of against them.

The Into Your Genius program (3 months) focuses on 6 extraordinary gifts that you were born with, but which most people use in a very limited way: Imagination, Intuition, Will, Memory, Reason, and Perception.

Life Mastery Coaching can be based on any one of these, and the VIP Program – recommended for the person ready to develop full life mastery and achieve big life changes as a result – covers all three.

This coaching program provides special tools to help accelerate your progress and enhance your results:

  • Each week's lesson is LIVE, via Zoom.
  • Interact with your coach (and with your fellow students if in a group) – your opportunity to receive laser coaching on your burning questions.
  • Coaching is based on the evocative model which fully supports the client in connecting with the innate power within them.
  • A complete manual and workbook for the entire course.
  • Audio meditations provided in the Life Mastery program.
  • Archived recordings on every week's call are available.
  • Ongoing, personal support for the duration of the program.

I absolutely care about you as a person of great potential, and I am committed to your success through the coaching process. 

I do that by believing in your dream, helping you use the power within you, and holding space for you so that you can feel safe enough to take inspired action, be bold, and do what you need to do in your life!

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 Raymond Posch is a Life Mastery Consultant trained and certified by the Brave Thinking Institute for coaching the Life Mastery and and other programs. He uses a heart-centered approach and delights in happy, fulfilled clients. 


“After going through Ray's life coaching program, I love my life! … I can’t thank Ray enough for his insights, encouragement, and best of all the awareness that I can design the life I want. I recommend him as a life coach to anyone that is looking to change something, anything, in their life. I wanted to live my life by design, and I achieved that with Ray's help!" —Leah R., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I found that Ray's guidance helped me be much more productive with my short-term and long-term projects. I woke each day with new energy and a new sense of purpose. I gained a new appreciation of those around me (friends, relatives and strangers) and I feel more connected to The Universe and the power within me. I began to see that The Universe is truly working with me and for me to help me achieve the major goals that I had set for myself. My life is currently on a higher level of comfort and peace. Raymond Posch's guidance provided me with much more than I had expected. It changed my life in ways that I absolutely love!" —Robert R., Phoenix, Arizona