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Lesson 8 - Introductory Course in Living Your Success

Conscious Choice-Making and Seven Choices for Success

The central technique of Live Your Success programs is “conscious choice-making”. Now, when I first read about the technique by that name as discussed by Deepak Chopra, I thought it obviously sounded like something everyone should do, but I really struggled with how to apply the concept.

Then, on one of my morning meditative walks about ten years ago, an inspiration came to me to develop “seven spiritual choices”. I immediately knew that the choices were all about conscious choice-making. Over the next few days, the seven choices came to me one by one, again primarily by inspiration. The surprising one for me was the “choice of Life”, because I had not thought about life as a choice. But the seven choices, and particularly the choice of Life, changed my life greatly for the better.

I can tell you that the Choice of Life is very important to your process of embracing life as well and to expanding success in your life. It certainly was to mine!

I began contemplating the seven choices on my morning walks, and I began practicing the seven choices as they came to mind during the day. When I did that, I quickly came to know what conscious choice-making means. It helps to have specific areas of life to focus on, and that’s what the seven choices are.

That’s why the seven choices are important… They let you focus on seven critical areas of your life and give them expanded attention, especially for greater success in your life, so I came to think of them as ”seven choices for success”. They are broad and very applicable to creating success in your life.

The seven SPIRITUAL choices for success are:

  • The choice of Life

  • The choice of Awareness

  • The choice of Freedom

  • The choice of Love

  • The choice of Expression and Creation

  • The choice of Knowing

  • The choice of Wholeness

The seven PRACTICAL choices for success are:

  • The choice of Life

  • The choice of Awareness

  • The choice of Freedom

  • The choice of Self-Esteem

  • The choice of Confidence

  • The choice of Motivation

  • The choice of Success

You can see that the first three choices are common to both sets. The last four of the seven practical choices are very focused on practical success. The last four of the seven spiritual choices are focused on choices that are both practical and spiritual in their nature and application.

The Live Your Success program called "The Power of Embracing Life" will go into the seven practical choices in depth and will speak in very success-oriented terms. The program called "The Spiritual Path to Success" will go into the seven spiritual choices in depth and will speak in more spiritual terms, although still very much about practical success.

Here in this lesson, I will discuss the seven practical choices for success at a more introductory level. Because conscious choice-making is about paying attention to your thoughts in at least seven critical areas of life, it helps you pay attention to your thoughts and choices and to develop a mindset that is attuned to living more consciously. (Note – When you joined LYS Club, you received a free download called Introduction to Conscious Choice-Making that provides another introductory resource.)

The more strongly you commit to the seven choices and hold them as intentions that you want to bring into your reality, and the clearer you are about what they mean for you and about the results you expect to experience, the more quickly you will experience those things in your life.

And one reason that is true is that strong intentions, commitment, and clarity lead to matching and appropriate actions. A second reason is that the Law of Attraction really works but it depends on clear and focused thoughts, which few people have, and on intention, commitment, and trust in universal consciousness, which likewise few people have. Conscious choice-making, supported by other LYS training, helps you get clearer and more focused.

Let me provide you with an example for choosing the seven choices using the choice of Life…

*** Begin example ***

When you make the choice of Life, you are intending to be fully a part of Life and to have Life fully within you (that is, in your consciousness, which naturally extends to your body). Contemplate Life and what it means to you. Contemplate the attributes of Life, such as flow, interaction, expansiveness, infinite possibilities, and natural abundance both physically and in consciousness. Feel those attributes within yourself (again meaning first within your consciousness and naturally extending to your body).

Commit to embracing Life and to engaging in it fully and creatively. Know that you are part of the grand unfolding of Life in the Universe, and you play the central role in the unfolding (creation) of your own life.

In meditation (which is more closely connected to universal consciousness), imagine living the life you desire. Imagine creating it slowly and steadily from the point where you are right now to the point where your dream is fulfilled. Imagine being totally clear about your purpose in life and then living true to that purpose. In your meditation, feel the experience of having created the life you intend to live – the feeling will help anchor the desired intention within you.

In moments during the day, choose to embrace life, to be alive and participate fully in life in an engaged way, and to consciously create the life you desire. By making these choices consciously, clearly, and strongly with feeling, you begin to reprogram your past conditioning, typically based on separation and scarcity, and in its place you can steadily program new beliefs based on oneness, wholeness, and natural abundance.

Repeating affirmations, such as “I choose Life” or “I am alive, one with the flow of Life” can be powerful reminders. But don’t just think the words – you must feel the meaning and emotions behind the words. And the more strongly you feel the intention (or desire) and what it means to you, the more rapidly you will experience the potential and fullness of life.

Stop and become aware of the flow of Life, of the flow of your life. Accept it as it is in this moment and embrace it.

*** End example ***

In the Power of Embracing Life program, and other programs, I will go into much more detail and especially, I will guide you through the process of making each of the choices. You will get a much better feel for the process (in a much shorter time) and that is critical.

But to begin experiencing conscious choice-making, the key is to consciously choose whatever the choice is (and that includes other choices beyond the seven choices). That means having strong intention, visualizing and feeling the result of the choice, and commitment to experience the results in yourself.

As you practice the seven practical choices for success, you will mentally choose to experience aspects of life differently and, as a result, you will begin to experience the following in all aspects of your being:

  • Experience life more fully within yourself

  • Experience greater awareness of yourself, others, and the world around you

  • Experience greater freedom which comes from letting go of limitations and attachments

  • Experience greater self-esteem or love for yourself

  • Experience greater confidence in yourself and your abilities

  • Experience greater motivation to achieve your intentions and goals

  • Experience greater success in all areas of life

You call follow the example I gave above as a rough pattern for each of the seven choices using meditation, contemplation, commitment, and attention to each of the choices during the day, feeling the choice in body and emotions, and strengthening it with strong affirmations. Of course, you can make other choices outside of the seven. An example would be to choose your body and mind to begin feeling healthier, stronger, and energized. (Once you truly learn and become practiced in the technique to a skilled level, you can choose to eliminate a headache within minutes, or you can choose to feel energized and alert instead of tired and foggy-minded, again within minutes.)

May the Force be with you!    (I couldn’t resist saying that since I just saw the Last Jedi.)