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Lesson 7 - Introductory Course in Living Your Success

Staying Motivated – Desire and Commitment

Motivation is that which moves you to take action.  Motivation can be based on positive factors such as desire to be, do, or have something; or it can be based on negative factors such as fear of failing, of never having something you desire strongly, or of not having enough money to live comfortably.

In the context of personal success, your big motivators should be primarily desire to serve your purpose and to achieve your success goals. But, looking deeper, it is the “whys” (i.e., the reasons) that you have those goals that are your real motivators.

Know the why behind each of your success goals…

If you have the goal of making X dollars this year, the reason that you really want that is because more money provides more security, provides a feel-good feeling of accomplishment, enables you to live in a better way, and perhaps gives you more freedom to do things (travel, for example) that you could not do without it.

Now motivation is important because it is so easy to lose sight of what is motivating you to take the actions that will move you forward toward your goals. You desire to achieve your goals, but if you don’t stop and think about the whys on a regular basis, you may not feel motivated to take some needed action.

You need to periodically review your purpose and success goals and always make a point of answering the question of why you have that purpose and why you have each of those goals. Your reason why you want it will determine how much emotional desire you have for each goal. In the case of purpose, you may feel a strong calling to that purpose such that it is your mission in life. And that calling may always motivate you because it is your reason for living.

Success goals, on the other hand, are usually more arbitrary or variable than purpose. So, with success goals, it is important to think about the reasons why you set those goals. I would strongly recommend returning to your list of success goals (in Lesson 3) and, for each one, writing out the reasons you have that as a goal. It is a telling exercise because in answering the question of why, you will really see more clearly how strongly you want to achieve that goal. Please be sure to do this exercise. Again, it is a significant part of achieving your success goals.

In my case, I will likely want to retire within the next ten years, and I strongly desire to have enough money to last for the rest of my wife’s and my lives and to have the security that will bring. That is a great goal, an important goal, and the feeling of peace and security that comes with it is a strong one. I am truly committed to achieving this goal.

So, here I must bring up the idea of commitment to you. It is very easy to say you have a success goal, but if you are not committed to it, it may never happen. And so, when you think about the reasons behind your goals, you will see how strongly you desire to achieve them. If you strongly desire to achieve a goal, it must not be arbitrary for you – you must commit yourself to achieving that goal.

Commitment is the decision that you will achieve the goal, and therefore you will perform the needed actions to get you there, without fail. So, at this point I urge you to take the step of going back to your list of success goals and decide which ones you are truly committed to and why. Don’t skip over doing this. You may find that your list has gotten shorter.

You must develop and maintain a “success mindset that keeps you motivated”. You must regularly think about your success goals, the reason why you want to achieve them, and how committed you are to doing so.

As with confidence, you can also obtain audio recordings for keeping yourself motivated through hypnosis. I use them and find them helpful. However, knowing why you are motivated and knowing that you are committed should be sufficient.

What is important is to remind yourself often of your whys and your level of commitment to achieving the goals. Find a way of reminding yourself of why you will achieve your most important goals… Maybe put a note on your mirror that you will see every morning and night that says “I will achieve ____.  I am committed because _____.” You can also use that as an affirmation, but as always, you must say it with strong intent and feeling.