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Lesson 5 - Introductory Course in Living Your Success

Developing Your Story of the Successful You

There is a motivational speaker named Les Brown who says this: “The story you believe about yourself determines your success.” This is a very important idea to understand, for it is true.

If you have a self-image (story) of yourself as someone who tries and fails, that is what will happen for you. If you believe you are not very creative, you won’t be (even though you try to be). But if your self-image is one of overcoming difficulties to succeed and win, you will. And if your story is that you are a powerful person who sets big goals and accomplishes them, you will.

Which of these conditioned responses do you want for yourself – the first two or the last two?

The bottom line of this idea is that your conscious and unconscious beliefs about yourself and about the world have a huge influence on how you behave, experience life, react to events, and what you create for yourself in the living of your life. The more you can adjust your beliefs, your mental models of the world, and your mindsets that you live by towards “being successful”, the more success you will indeed experience.

So, if you are stuck and not having success you want, you have to 1) change the “programming” you’ve accumulated throughout your life from your parents, school, teachers, media, and so on, and 2) change the way you think about yourself and the world. How in heck do you do that?

The changing your programming part has always been difficult. You can go through therapy of various kinds, or simply review your own life history and examine events in your life for what beliefs (usually self-judgments) you came away with from them. Then ask yourself if that was right or reasonable. And you will see that many of the beliefs were unfounded, because they were from a time when you were young, naïve, unknowledgeable, and untaught about many things.

Hypnosis or self-hypnosis can be a simpler and more rapid way of changing beliefs or conditioning. I have successfully used hypnosis audios, self-hypnosis, and affirmations for many years. NLP (neuro linguistic programming) techniques can also be quite effective. And my courses and training use combinations of these methods. And in using these techniques, it is always critical to think about and affirm with strong intention and conviction what you desire.

For now, I want you to go back to your purpose (from lesson 2) and let the knowing you have about your purpose fill your body and mind with feelings about self-esteem, rightness of purpose, and that sense of direction, potential, and growing accomplishment. Purpose should be your anchor that grows steadily the more you think about it. Your purpose is at the core of your being, and as you nurture it, it becomes your source of self-empowerment. So, go back to your purpose often, and let it grow and guide you.

Again, think about how your being true to your purpose will create service (value, good things and feelings, and benefits they want) to others. Tie it to your success goals, and start to visualize the process of how fulfilling your purpose will create those things that you call success. The more you do this and practice this, the more you will create the “story of your success.”

Also, go back to lesson 4 and read the mindset suggestions I gave you for practicing the Four Daily Thoughts for Success. As you do those, you will strengthen how you think and feel love for yourself, respect of others, your success goals, and living your success every day.

Do you see how this works? As you think about your purpose, your desire for success, interacting with others, and bringing them value from what you do, you are changing your programming. The more strongly that you want it, believe it, and are committed to it – the creation of your being successful and the bringing about successful results – the more you accept it and reinforce the programming for success.

And the more you strengthen your positive ideas about yourself in relationship to the world through techniques like Four Daily Thoughts for Success, the more you enhance yourself and your actual ability to be successful in the real world.

At first, you may not be fully committed to it. You may have doubts and wonder if you can do it. But the more you come to know that your purpose is right for you, and the more you think about AND FEEL how you will live your purpose and create results for others, you will steadily empower and create results for yourself.

That is how you will create the life you dream of. This is how you can truly live your success. So, get started today!