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Lesson 4 - Introductory Course in Living Your Success

On Living Your Success and Embracing Life

“Live Your Success” is, in effect, a command that you give yourself about how you want to be in the world. It is a gentle but firm reminder that you want to live your success, in some way, every day. By being successful (or “success filled”) every day, and most of the time, you develop certain characteristics and draw to yourself good events that lead to successful results.

Living your success depends on having a mindset that is success-oriented and that teaches you and guides you to behave in ways that move you toward your goals. This mindset gives you helpful ways of thinking about yourself in relationship to the world around you and it reminds you that you are a powerful person, capable of accomplishing important things, and able to relate effectively with others in almost all circumstances.

The process of living your success begins with following the cycle described in the Four Daily Thoughts for Success. Try to contemplate all 4 points at least once every day, and here are some key mindset things to think about for each point:

1. Love Yourself and Embrace Life

You absolutely must have strong self-esteem and want the best for yourself. You see life as vibrant and rewarding, not to be feared or doubted, but to be lived with an expectation of good things to be experienced and great things to come.

2. Respect and Support LYS Club Members (and others who are doing their best)

It is important to have a strong teamwork approach to other people and desire to interact in a positive, helpful, and constructive ways. This is not goody two shoes stuff; this is how you want people to interact with you, isn’t it? Appreciate others, learn from others, be helpful to others, and view life as an adventure in which you collaborate in the active process of life.

3. Envision Yourself with Goals Achieved At Least Once a Day

Always be as clear as you can about what your goals are (personal or otherwise) and always believe and act in ways that are in alignment with the achievement of your goals. Remind yourself at least once a day, if not more often, of your goals and why they are important. Expect to succeed with the help of others and a Universe that is infinitely beneficent and intelligent.

4. Do Your Best to Live Your Success Daily

Success requires staying with the belief that you can and will be successful. Remind yourself to think in successful, constructive terms. Stop and feel the success that is growing in you. Remind yourself to act in some way that moves you toward your goals. If you feel doubtful or down, ask the Universe for inspiration, and then open yourself up to it – for it will come. And be thankful for all good things that come to you, even lessons that come disguised as problems.

“Embracing Life” is a somewhat similar approach to living and being in a way that is more powerful, more creative, and frankly, more effective than how people normally approach life. In it’s most basic form, you stop and choose to Embrace Life Now.

And that means to welcome life with open arms and open mind, to engage actively in the living of it, and to live life in a more vibrant and rewarding way. You embrace life by becoming more conscious of it moment by moment and by making decisions and choices with more attention and intention based on your desires.

Many people take a passive approach to life and, as a result, they see life as routine, less than exciting, and not living up to what they imagine it should be. They stand back and wait for life to come to them. But they don’t realize that what is needed is for them to simply decide to Embrace Life Now. That doesn’t mean that they have to change jobs or go off and to something exotic, although that is one possibility. Instead, they could get engaged in the job they already have, look deeper for what it offers, and join the adventure that life offers right there.

Embracing life is opening up to new possibilities, to your own choice of living more consciously, and learning to pay more attention to what you are experiencing in every moment. Embracing life helps you gain greater consciousness and understanding of yourself, your life, your purpose, and what you want and value.

Now the process of embracing life requires a learning process that takes time. It is not instantaneous, and it requires a commitment by you to live in a more conscious and participatory way. But when you really start learning to do that, you become much more awake and aware of life and its abundance and possibilities.

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