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Lesson 1 - Introductory Course in Living Your Success

Guidelines for Members - Four Daily Thoughts for Success

The four daily thoughts for success and happiness are:

Love yourself and embrace life

Respect and support others

Envision yourself with goals achieved

Do your best to live your success

They are four mental commands or triggers to repeat to yourself each day. I would recommend doing so early in the morning, such as when taking a shower or exercising. They are uniquely powerful in helping you have a success-oriented mindset or positive attitude to carry into your day. And certainly, it is even better to also think about these thoughts for achieving your dreams at other times during the day. You can  think of these as 4 guiding points for a successful life. They can make a powerful difference in how you feel about life and in being more successful.

Now there are other rules for the LYS Club Facebook group, but these 4 guiding points are specifically to help LYS Club members organize their thinking about what it means to “Live Your Success”.

So, let’s look more closely at each of the guiding points so that you can have a greater understanding and use them as teaching points in living your success.