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Finally! Learn How to Achieve Spiritual Success Using Proven Techniques that Enable You to Grow Spiritually and Be, Do, and Have More in Your Life...

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From:  Raymond Posch, Spirituality and Personal Success Coach

Dear Seeker of Spirituality and Personal Success,

Are you looking for spiritual and personal growth that gives you answers about your relationships with the world and the Divine?

Do you want to know how to live your life in a way that feels more like you are living true to your purpose, being more successful, and making a difference in the world?

Are you tired of feeling unhappy, working in a stressful job that leaves you unfulfilled, not using your natural talents and abilities, having no love relationship, or being stuck in a life that doesn't match your dreams?

If you've answered yes to any of these questions (and my guess is that you probably did otherwise you wouldn't have visited this website), then turn off your cell phone, and put whatever you've been doing on hold for the next five minutes or so because what you're about to learn here can and will change your life forever, just as it did mine.

The fact of the matter is that many people, including me, have felt just like you.

At different points in my life I have been very unhappy, seeking answers and peace of mind, feeling totally stuck in a bad job, or worse - unsuccessfully looking for a job and in serious financial difficulty but not knowing where to turn for help.

Through spiritual research and trial and error, I was able to find answers and techniques that worked to turn my bad situations completely around

Life got better for me in some very specific ways. I became more aware of myself and the world around me. I became more successful in my work and enjoyed it more, and many other good changes occurred in the areas of health, money, relationships, and happiness.

In phases over nearly 20 years time, I found the critical answers, discovered or developed powerful techniques, and changed my life forever and in remarkable ways. I am deeply and forever grateful!

The techniques I use and teach give a person great spiritual power by focusing you on these 5 keys of spiritual success:

  1. Expand your awareness and live more consciously
  2. Live fully from the heart
  3. Practice presence and connect with the Divine
  4. Discover purpose and live true to it
  5. Partner actively with the Divine in conscious co-creation and awakening

These discoveries and learnings changed everything for me. My learning process has been ongoing and progressive – some of the techniques I have used for a very long time and some I have used only for a few months. But I know they all work well, are valuable, and form an integrated way of living more consciously and creatively.

It was techniques in those 5 key areas that changed my life, and I practice them every day because spiritual power expands my capacities and enables me to live in much more creative, dynamic, rewarding, and delightful ways.

Spiritual power is not "power over", it is "power within" and "power with". It is our ability to understand, appreciate, and respond creatively to life situations through becoming more aware of and more engaged with ourselves, the world around us, and God. As you develop your spiritual power you start to produce healing, spiritual advancement, and practical success, which taken together I call spiritual success.

And anyone can experience the same kind of results and the same spiritual power by learning these same life-expanding techniques.

In the next 5 sections you can read more about each of the 5 keys to spiritual growth. Or you can skip ahead and read about my "Developing Your Spiritual Power" 5-week online training course which is now available for a limited time.

Key #1 – Expand your awareness and live
more consciously

In the flow of life, we tend to be preoccupied with what we are doing. But being preoccupied does not necessarily mean that we are fully conscious of what we are doing. That is – anything we do often becomes routine and done out of habit rather than awareness.

And in the busyness of doing, it is hard to stop and pay more attention. I know. I've tried, and it's really hard to do.

Now, in my case I stumbled onto two techniques that, taken together, work very well to expand your consciousness.

The more general technique is that of "conscious choice-making". It is about paying more attention to the continuous stream of choices that we make in living life and making those choices consciously rather than out of habit.

As I've already pointed out - that is hard to do. But another technique can help us learn to become more aware of the choices and the choice-making. That technique I call Seven Spiritual Choices...

Seven Spiritual Choices came to me from pure inspiration. One morning, on my daily walk with my dogs, I was contemplating "the seven spiritual laws of success" which Deepak Chopra wrote about in a book of that name. In that book, he talks about conscious choice-making, and I wondered about the practicality of how to do that.

In a moment of inspiration, the idea came to me to develop "seven spiritual choices of success". And as I continued to contemplate that idea, it slowly came to me that such a framework might provide a structure in which to think about and learn to apply conscious choice-making.

Over the next few days, the seven spiritual choices took form in my mind. The seven choices became those of: Life, Awareness, Freedom, Love, Expression & Creation, Knowing, and Wholeness. The interesting thing is that I was guided to these seven very much through intuition, and I clearly received the message that the choice of life (which I had not previously thought about) was the first and foremost in importance.

Why is the choice of Life first and most important? Because Life is the context for everything – the whole of creation and the grand flow of Life – both individual and collective. Life is the Universe/God manifesting everything into existence with an infinity of new possibilities in each moment.

Over the following weeks and months, I contemplated the seven spiritual choices, and my understanding of them grew and solidified. That contemplation turned into a mental and spiritual practice that I did (and still do) every morning in a concentrated way, and then throughout the day as thoughts of the seven choices come up.

What came out of that practice was that I began to notice that life had become better for me and that I was living with greater awareness and intentionality. In other words, I was living more consciously by expanding my awareness of myself and the world around me. Eventually, I was also able to awaken to higher levels of perspective and awareness. In both gradual growth of awareness and awakening (transcending) to new levels, my spiritual power got bigger and stronger.

As a result, I steadily became happier more of the time and I felt life was going better. Then I began seeing greater success in my work as an IT project manager, in my personal and work relationships, in my health, and financially as well.

Especially important for me was that I had realized my top two goals for a better life – being happier and having peace of mind – and they came to me almost automatically from being more aware of myself and raising my spiritual energy to match. Going through a whole day at a demanding job and feeling happy and good about myself most of the time was really a great advance for me.

It was at that point that I realized this was an important discovery that I needed to share all of these things I had learned, and especially the techniques, with others.

Key #2 – Live fully from the heart

One critical skill is key to your spiritual power, and that is living fully from the heart. Year by year, I've grown in my knowing of just how important this one is. Living from the heart is magical and makes all the difference.

When you can place your consciousness, your awareness, and your desires and intentions in your heart area, you will become more connected to your higher self, to God, to the world/universe, and to Divine powers.

You will become more intuitive. You will be able to tap into truth and what is right for you. You will become more creative and more able to manifest intentions. It will give you greater connection to and insights about other people.

All people need to connect to their higher selves. Your higher self is your soul, the part of you that has remained fully knowledgeable of your being part of the Divine and of your purpose for coming to Earth. The heart is the pathway for that connection, and with practice you can merge your body, mind, and soul to become a more complete human being.

Learning to live from the heart, which is your central point of connection to God and Universe, allows your spiritual power to grow and grow – and especially if your primary intention is unconditional love that is also held in the heart.

When you live fully from the heart – by choosing to do so more and more of the time and with your full presence and intentions of love for the whole of life – you can partner with the Divine and be more effective in conscious co-creation.

You can become more aware and expand your consciousness to higher levels. You can better serve your purpose and, therefore, better serve the world you are part of. And, thus, you can make a true positive difference in the world.

Living from the heart is a key for your spiritual knowing through intuition and inspiration. May you use it to both better your life and better the world around you.

Key #3 – Practice presence and connect
with the Divine

Learning to connect with the Divine strengthens your spiritual power exponentially. Therefore, you would be right to ask how to do that.

In my experience, practicing meditation on a regular basis prepares you very well for practicing presence. Meditation allows you to focus, become relaxed and quiet, and you will eventually learn to quiet the mind.

When you can shift to that quiet state with a quiet mind, then you can choose to be fully present to your own awareness of self. Presence means being aware in the present moment, being aware of what you are experiencing in the present moment.

Awareness in the present moment is also known as mindfulness, but that can depend on what you are being aware of in that moment. Presence includes awareness of the world around you and especially other people.

But, in particular, it involves being aware of objects of your attention while at the same time being aware of awareness itself. Most people need to practice meditation for some time before expanding awareness of your self to that level. Once mastered, however, it is possible to shift into a full state of presence on command without being in meditation.

And with presence you can sense the "presence" of the Divine being right there with you. In reality the Divine is everywhere and always available to you, but you know that God is right there with you most strongly when practicing this attention to presence.

I've long thought that meditation is the best way to connect with the Divine. But in particular, it is practicing presence that allows you to invite God, universal and infinite consciousness, to connect with you and fill you with love and spiritual power.

In that communion state, you can ask the Divine to help you and guide you. With practice, you can learn to converse with God as well, but that requires you to have developed your senses of connection, intuition, and inspiration sufficiently to be open to it and to allow it to happen.

Key #4 – Discover purpose and live true to it

Another thing I learned is that having a clear singular purpose (or mission or passion) in life gives you great focus, and that is a very good thing.

During my many years of intense spiritual exploration, I had the good fortune to have a purpose come to me as a calling. I awoke one night with a clear message in my mind from the Divine to "create wholeness in myself and share it with the world".

To me, it was clearly a calling, and I came back to it over and over again during subsequent years knowing that it was important, a purpose that I had been asked to serve.

Now what I found is that a purpose gives you overarching meaning and direction in your life. It guides you and simplifies your life because it is the one big thing that you need to accomplish in your life.

At different times in my life I have had different purposes, and I think that can be true for most people. And then my calling came to me, and I knew it was my new true and primary purpose. I also knew as a calling from God that it was of great importance, but it took me many years to truly understand its meaning and significance.

In subsequent years, my true purpose morphed and in some ways expanded because I discovered that wholeness is related to spirituality, success, personal fulfillment, and service to others. To serve my purpose, I now know I must continually learn, grow, and adapt to a larger mission in life. Moreover, I have slowly had to learn how to communicate the message of wholeness to others. It is really all about spirituality, personal growth, and nurturing wholeness in society and mankind in much larger terms.

But knowing your purpose can be valuable to you because it provides that focus in your life. It will guide you, give you direction, and when you are asking yourself what you are supposed to do next, you can always come back to your purpose.

And when you focus on your purpose with an open heart, it opens the door to both clarity about what your purpose is and receiving inspiration for how to best serve your purpose. Inspiration gives a higher level of motivation and energy to move ahead... In other words, it gives you even more spiritual power.

I have learned valuable techniques for how you can come to know what your purpose is and how to follow your purpose going forward. You will be amazed what a valuable thing it is in the living of your life.

Key #5 – Partner actively with the Divine in conscious co-creation and awakening

One of the biggest lessons I learned was how to get aligned with the laws of attraction and creation and how to use them...

You see, when you are stuck in a mode of negative thinking, being unhappy most of the time, and thinking negative thoughts most of the time, you attract more negative results into your life.

The universe we live in is a universe of energy, and there are two types of energy - physical and spiritual. Spiritual energy is related to consciousness, life, and all beings participating in the dance of life, and it is especially important to us human beings.

Negative thoughts and energy will attract negative results to us, and at the same time generally repel positive thoughts and things. On the other hand, positive thoughts and energy will attract positive results to us, and at the same time generally repel negative thoughts and things.

Our thoughts and our level of spiritual energy around our thoughts, intentions, and actions affect how we are in the world, what we feel, and especially the results we create. So learning to control our thoughts and energy levels is very important.

Unfortunately, most of us who are conceptual learners focus on our thoughts in the form of words when we find out about the law of attraction. Eventually I found that we have to learn to also pay attention to and control our feelings and energy (or vibrational frequency) levels.

We have to become more aware of what we are experiencing and learn to experientially direct our intentions in the form of feelings and energy. The most powerful intention is that of love for it invokes the spiritual energy of love. 

You can come to know that one key to having spiritual power is by partnering actively with the Divine in a process of conscious co-creation. It is most powerful when used for a higher purpose in the state of love and for the service of others or for the world as a whole. It is through intentions of pure love that you can deepen your connection to the Divine.

And when you use conscious co-creation with love for yourself and others, you can attract better jobs, more money, and other good things (such as feeling good and being happy) into your life. I know because I've done it – I learned to consciously attract the perfect job for me, money, happiness, peace of mind, and more.

Now, as you become more conscious of what you want to create in your life, you should also begin to choose to awaken - that is, choose to know that your consciousness is part of One Consciousness of the Divine. Choose to merge with God consciousness. You have always been a part of one consciousness, but we all tend not to believe that is true.

We see physical separation, so we automatically believe that we are spiritually separate from each other and from God. Not True! Oneness is universal because everything is created and exists within One Consciousness. So as frequently as possible, remind yourself to awaken to that truth. Choose to know that you and God and all of existence are part of the Oneness that is One Consciousness.

Awakening comes in steps and stages. But every step of awakening is knowing the truth more completely – and it also enables conscious co-creation to happen more easily. So, choose to awaken now!

Now It's Your Turn to Learn the 5 Keys of Spiritual Success and Use Your Newfound Spiritual Power to Make a Big Difference in Yourself and Your Life


Today is the day that your life will begin to change in a big way.

I's a powerful statement, but trust me it's true.

And here is the training course that will give you the keys to make it possible...

"Developing Your Spiritual Power"

5-Week Live Online Training Course

By Raymond Posch

For a limited time, I am now offering an online training course to teach these techniques to all who want to experience real spiritual success and the spiritual and practical life changes that result from making them a habit.

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You Will Now Be Able To DEVELOP YOUR


Be More Effective In Everything You Do, 

Relate To People More Powerfully, 

Attract More Abundance, 

Become Healthier and More Alive, 

And Know True Happiness

"If you're looking to make a shift in your life, definitely take a look at what Ray Posch has to offer"...

"Success is truly defined very uniquely for each and every one of us, and as much as I was making really good money with what I was doing [before], I just didn't find it fulfilling. Now I'm doing something that I absolutely love, and it's funny how quickly the money ended up following anyway...  and I owe it all to Ray and the content in his programs.

... That's what Ray was able to do for me, and I can't thank him enough for that."

Leah Ritz, Calgary, Canada


Now, I realize some of you may be reading this thinking, "Can this really change my life that much and just like that?"

First of all, let me be clear that although the course is designed to fast track your learning process, it is intended to give you the tools, and the experience using them, to do just what I've said.  But such changes take some time, and how fast it happens depends on your readiness for and commitment to the changes.

The process of applying the tools is not instantaneous... you have to practice the techniques on a regular basis, and at least 21 days of daily practice is usually required for your new skills to become habit and for the growth of the new you to take root and unfold in your life. The practice of the techniques is cumulative and the results are progressive.

But the results you want will happen if you are committed to making these practices habit.

Now I know this is so because it happened for me. And I am not endowed with anything special to make this simpler or easier for me. I have learned the answers that I know and the techniques I have found because I wanted change in my life, and I kept seeking them out.

I know that this will work for anyone, because it connects you with the real source of spiritual power, the source of ALL spiritual power (and of all "practical" power as well).

The source of spiritual power is there waiting for all of us to reach out to it. It is available to all. Each and every person is part of the infinite spiritual energy and intelligence (even though we have forgotten that fact), and our soul is our connection to it. And, unfortunately, most of us take a long time to learn how to pay attention to our soul and its guidance.

But you have the power within you. You can learn to reconnect with and use that power.

The training course is designed to help you reconnect with and use that power. For each of the 5 key areas of spiritual success, it will help you understand and practice the techniques and especially will help you experience the feelings of doing them.

Let's take a closer look at the techniques that I will be teaching you in this awesome course:

Conscious Choice-Making – How to consciously CHOOSE what you want as moments of decision come up in your life. You will experience doing it as I work with you.

Seven Spiritual Choices – This is a practice of engaging consciously in 7 critical areas of living as a spiritual being who is having a human experience. Doing this practice will help you become more conscious more of the time.

Meditation – Meditation helps you focus, quiet your mind, and become more in touch with your higher self and with the Divine. I teach you how to meditate and become more mindful with some special techniques that accelerate the process.

Contemplation – You will also learn the practice of contemplating - thinking about and knowing the nature of spiritual ideas, such as awareness, love, forgiveness, oneness, and purpose.

Presence – This is the practice of present moment awareness, being more aware of yourself, others, the world, and even the Divine in the present moment. Being present in this moment to hear and connect with another person is especially powerful. But it is perhaps even more transformative to feel God's present there with you, strengthening the bond between you.

Knowing Your Purpose – Involves the process of finding your purpose in life through intuitive insight, and then making it a constant knowing and mission that you live in the greater service of others.

Intuition and the Path with Heart – This is all about living from the heart, opening yourself to intuitive guidance from your higher self and the Divine and to inspiration that moves you powerfully and in mysterious ways.

The Path of Joy – How to choose joy as an inspired way of being and living at all times and especially when you are experiencing fear, doubt, and other negative thoughts and emotions.

Conscious Co-Creation – This is the practice of consciously manifesting experiences, new ways of being, things, events, and synchronicities in your life through the laws of attraction, creation, and wholeness.

Oneness – Oneness is the practice of knowing and being part of the great, interconnected web of life that is within the  infinite sphere of One Consciousness. That awareness enables you to shift to a higher level of awareness.

Wholeness – Wholeness is the quality of having or practice of nurturing healthiness, completeness, proper relationships and functioning in yourself and in the world around you. It is a process of connection, healing, becoming less self-centered, and becoming more caring for the whole web of life in which you exist.

Awakening – This is the practice of opening and connecting to your higher self and infinite consciousness. It helps you grow consciously and gain critical spiritual (and practical) insights in incremental steps. For most people awakening is not a sudden jump to God consciousness but grows in stages.

Before You Realize It, You Will Have All The Knowledge and Tools You Need To Grow And Experience Your Spiritual Power And All That Enables You To Be, Do, and Have

Does that sound like something you could see yourself doing?

Are you ready to feel more fully alive, aware, and powerful?

Are you ready to make a positive difference in the world based on the underlying source of all true power in the world – spiritual power?

Are you ready to create all the good things in your life that you desire – happiness, abundance in all its forms, and success?

If so, my training course is for you...

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Developing Your Spiritual Power

Live Online Training Course

You've gotten a lot of information about my training program so far. This section provides details about the course structure and delivery.

I promise you will truly learn to develop your spiritual power and create spiritual success. You will begin to change your life in remarkable ways. That is what makes this course so awesome!

The course is organized in five modules that correspond to the 5 keys areas of spiritual success. By the end of the fifth module, you will have learned a large set of powerful, integrated techniques and know that they give you a spiritual practice for achieving real growth as a spiritually-aware human being. That spiritual practice is something you will want to use for the rest of your life.

This course is totally unique. I am not aware of another course like it. The course structure and at least half of the techniques are completely unique to this course and make it very powerful.

The 5 modules are:

  • Module 1 - Expand Awareness and Live Consciously
  • Module 2 - Live Fully from the Heart
  • Module 3 - Practice Presence and Connect with the Divine
  • Module 4 - Discover Purpose and Live True to It
  • Module 5 - Partner with the Divine in Conscious Co-Creation and Awakening

Each module will have a 90 minute webinar session that will be live and interactive. Of that time, I will teach for approximately 60 minutes with experiential coaching, and the remaining 30 minutes will be for questions and answers.

There will be one session per week on Saturday mornings starting at 10:00 am US Mountain Standard (Denver) time, so the course will run 5 weeks. The first session is planned to be held on March 16, 2019.

An audio recording and transcript will be sent out to participants following each session.

Support during and after the training – Attendees will be able to email me with questions and requests for advice for up to a full year, and I will do my best to answer them as promptly as I can.

Because I want to keep improving the course, I am asking all attendees to kindly provide written feedback.


Because this course will be live and have a limited number of available slots, registration will close when no more slots are available, or at midnight (US Mountain Standard time) on March 10, 2019 at the latest.

"I found just the kind of guidance I was looking for!"

"Raymond Posch's teaching gave me both inspiration and practical steps that helped me get over my depression and fall in love with life again."

Steve Chadbone, Denver, Colorado

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Primary Benefits You Will Experience

You will begin to feel changes in yourself with each training session. You may feel energized, lighter, more peaceful, and generally more positive and inspired. Depending on your spiritual background, you may have aha moments and insights that feel good and perhaps quite powerful and life-changing.

Then, as you practice the techniques you have learned over the following weeks, you should feel a sense of change occurring within yourself, although it may be difficult for you to describe.

But you will be growing steadily in awareness and a sense of growth of spiritual power, and that will expand into practical power and becoming more effective in your work, relationships, and life enjoyment.

As time goes on, if you continue to use the techniques on a regular basis, you should experience the following primary benefits:

Success and Abundance – Your increased awareness will make you more effective in everything you do, and you will find that the spiritual and practical can’t be separated. You will notice yourself becoming better in your relationships, communications, choices, and actions – and that will show up in work success, finances, and enjoyment of life.

Your clarity about purpose will give you direction and focus. Your attention to your heart and intuition will guide you in next steps. You will do more of what you love and experience more success in all areas of your life.

You will feel more alive, spiritual, balanced, and "on-track" in living a good life.

Happiness and Joy – You will be happier more of the time as you practice the Path of Joy consistently, make the Seven Spiritual Choices a habit, and learn to embrace life more fully. You will feel it and notice it, you will smile more and be more satisfied with life, and it will be visible to others in your face and in your behaviors.

Self-Esteem – You will be happier with your self and your life, and you will know that you are full of worth and potential. You will grow in self-love.

Your capabilities and self-confidence will steadily grow. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will become more noticeable to others as they grow, showing up in your face, voice, mannerisms, and behaviors.

Peace – You will find peace as you come to know yourself and how the universe works. As you grow in awareness and connection with God, you will learn to trust yourself and God in the living of life.

You are part of universal consciousness (God), not separate from it, and this gives you a great sense of rightness in your self and in your knowing how you fit within the larger world. Peace will show on your face, in your physical presence, and in your actions.

Awakening and Insights – Spiritual awakening comes in steps and stages. As you practice the techniques over time, you will steadily grow in your knowing of yourself and the universe. You will have spiritual insights, increasing clarity, breakthroughs in understanding, and feel greater spiritual connection to Universe/God, mankind, and the Earth.

Bonuses for Signing Up

These 3 bonuses are top-quality audio products by Raymond Posch, and Bonus #1 is a mind-blowing training course in its own right. It's about developing a success mindset and practicing a "live your success" approach to practical success. It is not about spiritual growth, but looking at it from a personal success perspective, it does complement the Developing Your Spiritual Power training very well.



DPSM Course cover image

Developing a Powerful Success Mindset training course by Raymond Posch – For people who want additional training on the purely practical side of personal success. It consists of a video introduction plus 8 lessons, each with audio and pdf. The course is for people who seriously want to be successful by changing their mindset and taking progressive steps toward their goals. (I'm a huge believer in having a powerful mindset and living it every day.) $147 value.

The audios can be listened to at any time. You should give them your full attention for concentrated learning, but you can listen to them while doing other things for subconscious-mode learning.



Spiritual Knowing Guided Meditation Cover - med2

Spiritual Knowing Guided Meditation Audio by Raymond Posch – 11-minute guided meditation to help you experience connection to the Divine and expand your spiritual knowing. Listening to this guided meditation has all the benefits of meditating, and it helps you know you are worthy, powerful, and connected to the ever-abundant Universe. I believe that "spiritual knowing" is an important part of spiritual power. $27 value.

This guided meditation audio should not be listened to while driving or operating machinery.



Spiritual Knowing Empowerment Audio Cover - med2

Spiritual Knowing Empowerment Audio by Raymond Posch – 6.5-minute audio to help you get back an empowered feeling of spiritual knowing at any time you need it. It will put you back in touch with your spiritual knowing when you feel uncertain, disconnected, upset, or in need of a tuneup. (I'm also a huge believer in audios that shift your brainwave and mental states such as this one.) $10 value.

This audio recording can be listened to at any time, such as when walking or exercising or driving. 

Developing Your Spiritual Power logo

"So, Ray, how much is this going to cost me?"

My guess is that's probably the question you're asking yourself right now.

Think about this for a second; what you're getting here is access to knowledge and experiential techniques that are going to not only change your life experiences forever, but they're also going to change your life in big ways in all aspects of your life. That's what expanding your awareness of yourself and the world and expanding your spiritual knowing and power will do for you.

To summarize, here are 4 big ways in which the program will help you. You will:

  • Learn to grow your your spiritual self – your presence, your awareness, and your connection to God
  • Develop your power to respond to life’s challenges in inspired ways and create the results you want in life
  • Have a toolkit of powerful techniques that you can use to keep growing and nurture yourself
  • Embrace life in a powerful and joyful way – living true to your purpose, making your dreams come true, and making a positive difference in the world by being of service

These are powerful, live-changing benefits of priceless value.

The course will be highly interactive, but additionally I will be reaching out to you before and after each module asking you to give me input and feedback, and especially asking what is most important to you. I will use the information you give me to tailor and customize my training in both content and approach.

I want to make sure the training is the highest quality I can deliver and takes into account your preferences and expectations to the best degree I can.

Additionally, I am keeping the number of participants small so I can fully support the tailoring and customization, and especially the interactive aspects and coaching.

Now training courses that are interactive and live tend to be more expensive because there is more customization, personalization, coaching, and Q&A.

Remember my support promise to you – I will answer attendees' questions and requests for advice via email for a full year after the training. This feature alone doubles the value.

In my own experience attending top-notch live spirituality courses of this quality – and I've attended quite a few in recent years – prices are typically $1097 and up. (Mastermind type training is usually much more than that – $12,000 and up. This course is not a mastermind type, but will come close to it in its interactive nature and high value level.)

I am currently planning to price the course at $1097 in its subsequent versions. BUT FOR THIS INITIAL OFFERING ONLY, I'm discounting the price by $700 to $397.

AND, TO MAKE IT EVEN MORE AFFORDABLE, I am giving you the option to make five payments of $90 per month (over 5 months). This is a great option for many people.

Reminder – There are only a limited number of slots available. Don't wait too long to sign up.


Here's where things get even better.

I'm so confident that this program is going to change your life positively and forever that I'm going to allow you to try it completely risk free for a full 60 days.

Here's how it works...

You Risk Nothing

60 Day Guarantee

Enroll in my Developing Your Spiritual Power course and attend for the full 5 weeks. If it isn't everything I say it is and more, just let me know within 60 days of your purchase date, and I'll promptly issue you a full, no questions asked, refund. All the risk has vanished because I'm taking the risk here. Fair enough?


Raymond Posch, Spirituality and Personal Success Coach

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Live Online Training (5 Sessions) - Awesome Course
Limited Spots, Limited Time

You have two payment choices - one-time or monthly...

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